Sunday, June 30, 2013

abstract collage

It's Week 4 in the course and it covers Wall Art. The brief is to create an abstract collage. Get outside your comfort zone and do something different. Colours are limited to your star sign colours (mine is Aries - red and yellow). Plus we must add a floral and typographic element. Now I'm not really a florally kinda girl so set forth to abstract it down in some way.

First up we are asked to collect collage materials in your colour way. Luckily my hoard-ish tendencies paid off. No problem here. See pic above.
Then experiment and paint time (see thumbnail pics for paint studies). I go a bit frantic here with a few different ideas on the go but I am finding the 3-4 day deadline too restrictive to resolve my paintings so go purely into collage land. My first attempt below.

Then finally a breakthrough of a more abstracted version in petal shapes (yes the obtuse floral reference) which is what I went with. What do you think?


Sunday, June 23, 2013

children's book cover

It's week three of the course and we had to illustrate a children's book cover for Hans Christian Andersen's, 'The Snail and The Rose Tree'. A rather odd tale written in 1872 about a particularly grumpy snail and you guessed it, a rose tree. The very crude rough below was my first idea before we got to read the story and then it just didn't suit. I've gone for a vintage vibe. I'm sure it's inspiration from osmosis -reading vintage kids books to my 3 year old every day.


Thursday, June 20, 2013

back to school


I am currently half way through a 5 week e-course, 'Make Art that Sells'. I know it kinda sounds like a TV infomercial (free set of steak knives!) but it's about creating art and licensing in different markets. Who knew going back to school could be so much fun (if not a tad busy).

Each week we have an assignment in one category with a brief to follow. I'll post my work along the way.  All ready for licensing people!

First week, Bolt Fabric - retro kitchen fabric plus co-ordinates (above).

Second week, Home Decor (plate design) - using pods and/or succulents. I went with an Australian theme.


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A0 print

I recently had an order for an A0 print of 'Peacock Envy' for a customer. I was going for a vintage French poster vibe, ala Bernard Villemot's Bally posters. There are some fine examples of vintage posters to lust upon at Gallerie Montmarte and Vintage Posters. I was super stoked with the print quality. Thanks Lantern Printing, it looks amazing.