Tuesday, July 26, 2011

do the monkey

Love this by Pan Ron, a 60's Cambodian singer. And how cool is the dancing? After more research I came across this doco about Cambodian rock music in the 60's and how it was nearly destroyed by the Khmer Rouge in the 70's. I'm not sure if this movie is recent but it looks great, although so sad.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

ace birthday gifts

My birthday was in April but I was so frantic I didn't have time to post these beauties.

The artwork was made by Tim, bits of collected paper and found objects from the street, perfectly stitched together. How ace is it? I think he should have an exhibition of these, although I wouldn't want to part with them.

This beauty was a gift from my sisters, a 40's mannequin head. Isn't she amazing? Goes well with my other mannequin head found in NY. She needs a nice stand for her.

I bought one of these Mexican bandit puppets for my nephew when I was in Mexico and always thought, 'damn why didn't I get one for myself?' Some friends found three vintage ones. Ivy is already eyeing them off.

Other ace pressies included a wooden travelling plein air artist case, a signed and numbered Beatesville book, and sweet 60's tunes (psychotic reaction 45" hello!) How great are my friends and family for buying me such arty, kooky, rockin' pressies? Thank you!