Sunday, September 9, 2012


I've been sucked into a void of pinterest, (damn you time wasting computer) but I do have some funny pics to share. Not is all lost. You can follow my pinterest page if you have a spare hour or two to waste. I'm still trying to decide if this pinterest is a good thing. Yes it has some ace reference material but I can't help think that it regurgitates the same images all over the web. It's great to see what is popular on one hand but will everyone have the same inspiration? And really, I used to have time to create things and now I'm just looking and thinking about it.... Images via Poppalina and Tiger beat Twist.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

new work and other good stuff

I've been busy with deadlines (which I can't talk about just yet) which means I have a backlog of posts. Somehow I just can't manage to fit them in so here's a few to get started.

First up was a collaboration with my partner in crime, art director/designer Tim Haynes. A tote bag design created for Ulta3 pastels range of nail polishes. It's a giveaway for a limited time at leading pharmacies while stocks last.  Check out Ulta's facebook page for details. We hope to work on a few more projects together.

I've had a few good garage sale/op shop finds lately. These ace kids masks still in their packets are probably my faves. 

And this one is for the kids. My sister told me about this and I stumbled across it in the city yesterday. It's called Kaeru, a recycled temporary garden by a Japanese artist Hiroshi Fuji. It'son the upper terrace of Hamer Hall, entrance through the main lawn at the Arts Centre. More info here. Open until Sept 30th and it's free.