Wednesday, August 27, 2008

spot the difference

While we are on the subject of copies, check out My Graphic Garden's blatant rip off of my Bloom girl (plus there were more!) I approached them via email to point this out only to receive the rudest email in reply. I thought about posting their response but basically they said "whilst I do acknowledge similarities, there are significant differences". There you go peeps just copy someone's work, change it slightly and make some cash. Not so funny.


paintergirl said...

that is outrageously f***ed...

designchic said...

I'm so sad to see this. As a designer I've looked up to MGG thinking they had such great talent but this isn't the first time I've seen their illustrations somewhere else :(

If it's any consolation, your Bloom gal looks 100 times better!

neryl said...

Thanks guys...yep such bad copies indeed.

Lucy said...

Hi Neryl... this is shocking! Just had a look at their site... this situation makes their 'philosophy' section somewhat laughable.

At the very least you should post this on
for a little personal satisfaction :)


&Rew said...

dude - F those bastards. i'mma hafta look them up so I can not support their art. I'm kinda confused about the name though - is that one of those too cool for school nameless monickers? like "I dream of cash mountains" or that weird symbol prince used.

oooh wait - i have one too ->