Thursday, October 23, 2008

A lady for all occasions

A work in progress. I started painting this wall mural in my studio a while ago and thought I'd post it up in it's current state. Who knows when I'll get round to finishing it. I'll show the final piece when I do!


faye said...

Hey Nez, nice legs!
Havin a bit of fun on your blogspot. Just can't get all your images down on my wireless right now - rreeeeeaaaaalllllyyyy slow down here - hanging out in an old beach shack in Falcon, which I'm now calling Commodore. So many bogans in their utes laying down some serious rubber around the corner I mean, aaaaaalllll day. Might kick back on the balcony later with a cask of moselle and watch the race.
Catch ya later!

neryl said...

Bewdy mate....! Crack out the goon!

vivienne strauss said...

I love this just as it is!