Sunday, October 25, 2009


Lovely Lucy from the Design Files is a guest blogger at Design Sponge this week. She has asked a few fellow Melburnians (including myself), to post about their fave spots in their own hood. I should point out that Batch on Carlisle St also does great coffee (but I ran out of room!).
I would have loved a bar on my map but it seems that no one can get a bar right this side of town. There is the Carlisle Wine bar but no real pubs that play decent music that you can call a local. Everyone seems to think that renovated and lifeless is best. The Greyhound renovation is the most current example. I'm too scared to go in to see the abomination (you can see a bright fluoro lit bar from outside and I'm sure there is no one in there). Can someone please open a cool pub?