Wednesday, November 2, 2011

viva frida!

Early November is the best festival of the year celebrated in Mexico, Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead. I've been working on a Frida Kahlo piece and thought it timely to share these beautiful reference pics of her. The colours and adornment are so amazing.

Unfortunately I missed the festival when I was in Mexico but I did see Frida's house and some ace Mexican wrestling which kinda made up for it. Seriously if you are ever in Mexico City, go to the wrestling, it's freakin AWESOME! That's me in the El Santo shirt post match.

I'm still yet to finish Frida but you can see more ace Mexican updates all this week by Madelaine Stamer guest blogging on Design Files.


Madeleine Stamer said...

Kewl Neryl!!! I'm jealous of your t.shirt and wrestling experience. Oh my, I bet your frida image is gonna look sensational! Make sure you post a pic, we should do a swap! p.s been a crazy week but I'll still dig deep for that mag we discussed...

neryl said...

Sounds great. I've gotta finish it first! No probs if you can't find the mag, I can always hit up Cleo now that I know what issue it was in. Great posts this week!