Tuesday, June 26, 2012

folk sweetheart prints

It's been the house of winter blues here as it seems with most folk in Melbourne, so thought I'd share some frolicking carefree lasses making music. All that story book reading of fables and folky tales has filtered through as inspiration. I'm thinking of printing a range of four prints, might be sweet for a girl's room or for big kids too! What do you think black or white background?


Saskia said...

They're ACE Nez! My favourite is the lederhosen lady.

the apple bride said...

love these! prefer the black but the white is a very close second!!

neryl said...

Thx Sas and the apple bride. Looks like black is the favourite so far (and the lederhosen!)

AMW said...

noticed that everyone was going for black, so I just had to rock the boat... when I first started scrolling, I thought, "oh, the black, of course!" but I got to the white backgrounds and I just love the color balance, so Im saying white!

I recently discovered your blog and am loving your illustrations and posts