Tuesday, September 4, 2012

new work and other good stuff

I've been busy with deadlines (which I can't talk about just yet) which means I have a backlog of posts. Somehow I just can't manage to fit them in so here's a few to get started.

First up was a collaboration with my partner in crime, art director/designer Tim Haynes. A tote bag design created for Ulta3 pastels range of nail polishes. It's a giveaway for a limited time at leading pharmacies while stocks last.  Check out Ulta's facebook page for details. We hope to work on a few more projects together.

I've had a few good garage sale/op shop finds lately. These ace kids masks still in their packets are probably my faves. 

And this one is for the kids. My sister told me about this and I stumbled across it in the city yesterday. It's called Kaeru, a recycled temporary garden by a Japanese artist Hiroshi Fuji. It'son the upper terrace of Hamer Hall, entrance through the main lawn at the Arts Centre. More info here. Open until Sept 30th and it's free.

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Saskia said...

Nice triple-banger post Neryl! Cute tote (or totes cute), lovely op finds, and I LOVE that temporary garden - it's in my backlog of posts to do too! So gorgeous.