Tuesday, January 29, 2013

hello new year!

Xmas and the New Year came and went without a mention so hope yours was swell. It will be Halloween before I get my act together so here's a real quick post before January slips away too.

I am currently working on about 100 illustrations for a book written by the lovely Jane Rocca. It's a great job with plenty of creative freedom but deadline is tight. Thus means my summer has been spent mostly indoors drawing away and staring at the computer.

I can't reveal the work just yet so thought I'd leave you with some pinterest inspiration.


Saskia said...

God Neryl. I don't have my glasses on and you gave me a fright! I thought that first pic was of you for about 1 minute. I was marveling at your bravery. And your costume.
Can't wait to see your illos. x

neryl said...

Ha... if only I looked this saucy wearing a funny faced novelty bra!