Thursday, June 20, 2013

back to school


I am currently half way through a 5 week e-course, 'Make Art that Sells'. I know it kinda sounds like a TV infomercial (free set of steak knives!) but it's about creating art and licensing in different markets. Who knew going back to school could be so much fun (if not a tad busy).

Each week we have an assignment in one category with a brief to follow. I'll post my work along the way.  All ready for licensing people!

First week, Bolt Fabric - retro kitchen fabric plus co-ordinates (above).

Second week, Home Decor (plate design) - using pods and/or succulents. I went with an Australian theme.



Saskia said...

Good on you Nez, becoming a school girl again. I actually miss learning stuff! Loving your designs, especially the main image. Looking forward to the next installment.

neryl said...

Thx Sas. It's actually been really great. Who knew!

Anonymous said...

Would have these in my house now! Love them all.

neryl said...

Thx Kerry! It would be nice to have them printed.

Anonymous said...

Love the plates Nez! cx

Gillian Northcott said...

Excellent work Neryl.

neryl said...

Thx Chris and Gillian! x