Thursday, August 21, 2014

new website, new blog!

A change is as good as a holiday no? My new updated website is finally up with a lot of help from my art director/photographer/all round handyman hubby Tim Haynes. Big thanks!

My blog will also move to here. This blog will stay up for the time being but please head to my new page for updates in Neryl land.

You can also follow me on instagram, pinterest and facebook.

Many thanks to those who have stopped by here over the years! Hope you continue to check out the new blog.


Hariklia said...

Looking good Neryl. Must be something in the air, I got a new website up this week too.

unkiron said...

its really good blog , thx for the pics

neryl said...

Nice Hariklia!

neryl said...

Thanks Unkiron!