Tuesday, March 27, 2012

new york

Well it's all systems go in the house of Neryl. I have just decided to be a part of Surtex, a licensing art and design trade show in New York, in mid may....yes MID MAY! It's a massive show, with so much work ahead of me over the next weeks but the best bit is.... I'll be heading over in person! It's been a few years (and drinks) between visits but so excited to visit my fave city again.

I won't be able to post the designs till after the show so I apologise in advance for any tumbleweed action that may lay ahead in my blog posts.


illoreps said...

Can't wait to see you, Neryl. Our Illo Reps booth number is 544 in case any of your fans want to stop by.

Saskia said...

NEW YORK. Oh man. I would kill to be back there again. Best city on earth. Enjoy! Look forward to seeing the pics when you return.

neryl said...

Yay! can't wait. Thanks for the booth number, I forgot to add that my lovely NY agent Illo Reps will be representing me at Surtex.